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Category: Handguns / Revolvers
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15944 6406 BB
Item#: 15944mmh
Category: Handguns
SubCategory: Revolvers
Colt Model 1902 U.S. Double Action revolver, commonly referred to as the Philippine or Alaskan model. In 1902, 4,600 Model 1878 revolvers were produced for a U.S. Army contract. They were intended to equip the Philippine Constabulary under Brigadier General Henry T. Allen in the Philippine Insurrection. These revolvers had 6-inch barrels, hard rubber grips, and were chambered for the .45 Colt round. They had strengthened mainsprings and longer triggers to give the user more leverage, resulting in larger trigger guards. The strengthened mainspring was necessary to fire the .45 Government rounds which had a less sensitive primer compared to the civilian .45 LC ammunition. Many people have incorrectly assumed that this was to allow the revolver to be operated while wearing gloves, so "Alaskan Model" is a misnomer. This revolver has seen heavy use and is in the brown although smooth and free of pitting. The Colt address on the top of the barrel is only partially and vaguely visible. The serial numbers match on the gun and loading gate but not the cylinder. The cylinder pin retaining screw is dammaged. The original hard rubber grips are worn but intact and there are three notches carved into the left panel (three Moros?). The cylinders and bore are in surprisingly good condition, smooth and bright with some very light shallow pitting in a few areas. MMH424514CAS
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