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Item#:15346mil / Price: $2,000.00
Category: Militaria / Miscellaneous

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Complete cased set of a 45-70 Springfield Trap Door Line-Throwing shoulder gun. This is an 1889 manufactured trapdoor Springfield modified with a 12 inch smooth bore barrel, designed to fire a blank cartridge that propels a brass rod with a flax line attached to it from ship to ship. Once the flax line was received on the other ship a heavier line was attached and pulled over. This process was done several times until a heavy line was secured to both ships which then allowed refueling hoses or resupply lines to be brought over. This original set was manufactured by Coston and is complete with the exception of one projectile and a can of solvent. There are three full drums of line, four full boxes and one partial box of 45-70 caliber blank cartridges, and 9 of the 10 brass projectiles. An original instruction manual is also included. The large wooden case is in excellent condition. The rifle, serial number 442132, dates to 1889 and is also in excellent condition with the exception of some small areas of rust around the sight. It has been refinished in a black phosphate. The cartouche is weak and barely visible. Rarely seen in a complete set. Exempt from NFA. Please call us for shipping costs. LTG-CAR
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