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Category: Handguns / Percussion
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14721 5787 BB
Item#: 14721ash
Category: Handguns
SubCategory: Percussion
This is an unfired "U.S. HISTORICAL SOCIETY" Henry Deringer commemorative pistol set. This wonderfully crafted set of Deringers was manufactured by Aldo Uberti in 1978 and was one of 1000 sets made (this is set number 13, pistols #13A & #13B). They are single-shot, muzzle loading, percussion pistols in .41 caliber. Each pistol is silver mounted and feature gold bands around the 2" barrels. Each pistol has a trap in butt that holds a spare nipple. The pistols are engraved in the period style. They come in a fitted, velvet lined case which is made to resemble a large book and hides easily on the bookshelf in open sight. The case comes with a full compliment of accessories including a silver powder flask, gold plated ramrod, ebony handled screw driver, ebony handled nipple wrench, and bullet mold.
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