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14272 165 BB
Item#: 14272mis
Category: Miscellaneous
SubCategory: Miscellaneous
WW1 French M1917 25mm brass signal pistol This is a WW1 brass French signal. It is chambered for French 25-mm flare cartridges. It does not accept the 26.5-mm cartridges currently available nor commercial 1-inch cartridges. The bore diameter is 26.9 millimeters. This has a 4-inch barrel. Maker CHOBERT- PARIS 16.RUE LAFAYETT. There is also a letter V over a small arc on the frame near the top of the left grip panel and on the barrel near the locking lug. The barrel and frame are brass; the trigger, hammer, opening lever, internal parts, and lanyard stud are steel (lanyard loop is missing). Serial number 20483. The grip panels are wood with a diamond checkering, crack on the left one.
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