Item#: 14727amr / $2,500.00
Category: Rifles / Percussion
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14727 2958 BB
Item#: 14727amr
Scoped: N
Category: Rifles
SubCategory: Percussion
A super rare Bavarian 1858/1867 Podewils-Lindner Rifle. This Podewils rifle was converted from a muzzle loader to a bolt action percussion by removing the breech plug and screwing on a Lindner conversion, with a dust cover to direct gas forward upon ignition. The rifle fires a paper cartridge ignited by a percussion cap. The conversion was probably done by Amoskeag Manufacturing Co. of Manchester, New Hampshire. It is very similar to the Civil War Lindner Carbine. This rifle has a fair bore, metal has a brown finish all over. The stock is sound but has a small chip out of the right side of the stock behind the lock. The bolt stop screw is missing. AMR-CBJC
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