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Item#:14726msr / Price: $650.00
Category: Rifles / Single Shot

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Selling with NO RESERVE is this rare and unusual DAISY VL 22 caliber rifle that fired caseless ammunition. The bullet and propellant were self contained but did not utilize a cartridge case, The "cartridge" was placed in the chamber and the propellant was ignited by compressed air at temperatures up to 2000 degrees. The lack of a normal case simplified the design and eliminated the need for a firing pin, extractor or elector. Velocity was 1150 fps out of a 24 inch barrel. Daisy sold these guns as air rifles. Daisy/Heddon was in the business of selling air rifles and pellet/BB guns. The ATF was fine with that, since that's what they were licensed to produce. What the ATF was not fine with was the unlicensed production of firearms. Since the V/L rifle utilized a propellant, the ATF ruled that the V/L rifle was a firearm. Daisy not being licensed to produce firearms, and having no desire to become a manufacturer, ceased production in 1969. Exact dates are fuzzy without additional digging, but it is allegedly a production run of approximately 8 months for a gun that was nearly 8 years in the making. The very chemical compound that should have propelled Daisy/Heddon into the future instead brought about its own demise. This example is one of the Presentation Grade models with a walnut stock but missing the brass plaque. Included with the rifle is an entire case of 5000 rounds of original VL ammunition which must be shipped separately from the rifle at an additional cost. The rifle is topped with a BSA scope. There are a couple of rub marks on the right side of the walnut stock, otherwise it is in very good condition. MSR381812
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